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Deciphera Medical Sponsorships Requests

Deciphera is committed to support the advancement of education to enhance patient care through sponsorships and contributions.  This funding to organizations, institutions, and other entities may sponsor medical, scientific or patient-related programs and conferences, symposia or meetings.

Requests for sponsorships:

  • Will be evaluated based on several criteria including strategic alignment to areas of interest
  • Must be submitted 60 days in advance of the event or activity
  • Will be reviewed on a rolling basis
  • Must clearly define the tangible benefit offered to Deciphera

Funding will not be provided directly to healthcare professionals or their practices, even if the request fits the above criteria.

If you would like to submit a commercial sponsorship, e.g. a QINLOCK® branded exhibit booth, sponsorship with levels of support, etc. then please email sponsorships@deciphera.com

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For any questions related to a funding request, please contact Deciphera’s Medical Affairs Department at grants@deciphera.com